Law Student as User

What is wrong with law school? small

Law students are known to complain a little about law school, but I’d like to capitalize on the complaints — they are essentially user needs ripe for research.

I sketched down some of the top complaints about law school that were made in a recent law class. They point to some main trends that stake out what might be redesigned in the law school experience. More user research is needed to uncover what the dynamics are beneath these complaints though.

I’m thinking whether we could do ‘exit interviews’ with law students who are emerging out of 3L, to go through some of their biggest problems with their school, and start pushing for what is going on underneath all these complaints:

  • What should be in 1L? What would the ideal curriculum be?
  • Were clinics actually worth the experience — what could have made them better?
  • What did you find later on in law school that you wish you knew earlier?
  • If you had a million dollars to donate to a law school, what would you have the school spend it on?
  • When have you gotten sufficient feedback in the law classroom? What feedback would you have liked?
  • How can students be diverted away from OCI, or at least how can students be presented with other career pathways early on in school?
  • How can students be given options to act on the ambitions they originally spelled out in their admission essay?