Boston Legal Design Meetup

Open Law Lab - Boston Legal Design Thinking Meetup
In September, there will be a meet-up in Boston for those interested in how design thinking may apply to law. I hope there can be a bicoastal connection — we had a great time with our first Law By Design workshop last month at Stanford’s Now we’re planning out a more extensive set of workshops for teaching & practicing design as legal professionals (and students and educators). Glad to see this movement is taking off outside of Stanford’s campus!

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  • Ruth Reyes
    Sep 9, 2013

    I live in Miami and I am interested in learning more about this topic. Is there anyway, I could participate remotely?

    Ruth Reyes Sep 9, 2013
    • Sep 9, 2013

      Good question, you should contact the organizers via Meetup!

      Margaret Sep 9, 2013

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