Immigration Storyline Infographics

For part of the DREAMer Hackathon the past 2 days in Mountain View, I started prototyping some uber-simple infograhpics of (often crazy) immigration narratives. I wanted to show the amount of time waiting, the amount of time in limbo, and the failpoints. Even if you come in legally, happily, optimistically, you can end up in the red zone — by no fault of your own. Here are three sample infographics I made from simple timelines of 3 immigrants, about their immigration story.

Most I kept super simple, and one I did a follow-up, annotated with the little stories & explainers that went along with the different phases of the journey.

Now I’m building a visualizer app that would let someone enter their own timeline of events, dates & colors, and the app would generate them their own Storyline Visual path.

I’m intrigued by the potential to tell complicated stories through striking posters like these, to both mobilize & educate. Beyond immigration stories, I think there are many other legal-system stories to be told through visual means like these.

Jorges Immigration Visual Lifen 1000 Kursats green Visual Life 1500 w So Immigration Lifeline 11 x 14