Turkey’s Internet Filter On Hold til November

The Turkish government was planning to unroll its new four-tiered internet filter in late August, but earlier in the month the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) pushed the plan’s implementation back to November 22nd.

It also decreased the number of filtering options, down to two — one “child” level that will have ISPs block all sites from the subscriber, except for the sites the government/ISP have placed on a child-friendly ‘white-list’, and one “family” level, in which the ISP will permit the subscriber to visit all sites, except for those on a family-unfriendly ‘black-list’.

Aside from these 2 higher-level filters, the government and ISPs will still have a basic blacklist for all subscribers in Turkey, to prevent them from visiting sites that the BTK, ISPs, and Turkish courts decide to block.

Unlike previous informal filters, which the government accomplished through IP-blocks, the new filters will be implemented by the ISPs to prevent people from circumventing the blocks through IP-tunnels.  If practically every Turk between the ages of 8 and 50 know how to get around an IP-block, the government wants a block that really blocks — and this new filter is supposed to be that.