Are Muslims at particular privacy risk?

After the AP broke the news earlier this year that the NYPD had been working with the CIA to conduct massive surveillance of Muslim Students Associations all along the East Coast — these questions are raised:

(1) If you are a Muslim in America, is your privacy more at risk from government intrusion? (one piece on Muslim surveillance, and another one from Salon)

(2) Do private companies — especially Internet companies (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter), phone service providers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Blackberry), and others — hand over data about Muslims more to governments, or keep their own profiles of Muslims?

(3) What ways can Muslims protect themselves from surveillance without seeming to be more ‘suspicious’ because they are defending themselves?

(4) What harms does this surveillance cause in the lives + communities of Muslim students — and beyond? (check this report out from WNYC)