Trace My Shadow behavior visualizer

Trace My Shadow is an interactive tool from the Tactical Technology Collective that allows a person to see for themselves, in lively ways, what kind of digital traces they are leaving behind as they browse online. It’s an interesting model for helping people have transparency into their own situation, and how they might want to protect themselves more.

The same model might have applicability to other situations when we’re trying to help a user to understand what effect their current behaviors are having — and urging them to act more in line with their preferences.

Trace my Shadow is an interactive tool that helps you find out how your online activities compromise your privacy. (It’s part of our Me & My Shadow project, which is all about data traces, or “digital shadows”. )

How Trace My Shadow works:

First, you tick off, from a detailed list of options, the devices and online services you use, and what kind of internet access you have.

Trace My Shadow counts up the number of traces you’re leaving. “That’s a lot of traces, isn’t it?”, the tool will probably tell you. That’s ok. But now it’s time to take some steps.

Trace My Shadow offers you a red button that says , “Show me the tools!” .

Click the red button. Trace my Shadow will then show you some (free, open source and publicly available) tools that you can use to minimise the digital traces you’re leaving. From there you can click through to info on how to install and use these tools.