Igniting Law Teaching, a TED-style conference for legal ed

Igniting Law Teaching is a conference coming up on March 20th that will feature all kinds of legal educators presenting their insights & projects into how the law school experience can be improved. Legal Ed Redesign - Igniting Law Teaching - Ted for law schools -Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 4.23.15 PM Legal Ed Redesign - Igniting Law Teaching - Ted for law schools -Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 4.23.09 PM

The conference happened last year as well — and all of the speakers’ individual videos are here for you to peruse. There’s lot of ideas to explore, especially for those who teach in law school, those who are law students (or considering going to law school), and even those working on ventures that involve teaching people the law. I keep finding links between thoughts about redesigning law school to help law students learn & train better — and thoughts about how to develop consumer-facing law products.

Legal Ed Redesign - Igniting Law Teaching - Ted for law schools -Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 4.23.32 PM

Here’s the schedule — you can tune into the livestream to watch in real time, or you can watch videos that will be posted up later.
9:00 am: Welcome and Introduction

Billie Jo Kaufman, American University Washington College of Law

Michele Pistone, Villanova University School of Law
9:15 am: Law Teaching in the 21st Century

Warren Binford, Willamette Univ. College of Law: How to Be the World’s Best Law Student

Susan Brooks, Drexel Law: Forming Resilient Lawyers

Jay Finkelstein, DLA Piper: Putting it Together: School by School

Shaun Jamison, Concord Law School: Get Out of the Way: Students Preparing Themselves for a Law Practice Future

Susan Nevelow Mart, Univ. of Colorado @ Boulder: Are Your Students 21st Century Researchers?

Jennifer Spreng, Arizona Summit Law School: Integrating First Year Courses

Emmy Reeves, Univ. of Richmond School of Law: Flipping Bar Prep

Craig Forcese, Univ. of Ottawa: Deploying Experts in a Flipped Classroom: Active Use of a Passive Learning Resource

10:45 am – 11:00 am: Break
11:00 am: Applying Learning Theory to LegalEDucation

Deb Cohen, Univ. of District of Columbia: Unlearning: The Hardest Part of Law School

Jill Smith, Georgetown Law: Bringing Transliteracy to Legal Education

Sarah Booher, Duncan School of Law: Engendering Success for Kinesthetic Learners

Jeremiah Ho, Univ. of Mass School of Law: “Unhiding the Socratic Ball: Transparency in Teaching Law for the Digital Age”
11:45 am: The Art & Craft of Law Teaching

Nancy Millar, Arizona Summit School of Law: Teaching Perseverance: The Rewrite Loop

Michael Collatrella, McGeorge Pacific School of Law: What I Learned About Teaching Law from Being an Art Student

Richard Seamon, Univ. of Idaho College of Law: 5 Features of Effective Graphics

Tina Stark, Emory (retired): Couldn’t Be: Calling a Professor by Her First Name!

12:30 pm: Luncheon
1:30 pm: Using Technological Tools for Legal Education

Mark Edwards, William Mitchell College of Law: Using Content-Embedded Concept Maps as Casebook Replacements

Sydney Beckman, Duncan School of Law: Five Tips for Using Interactive Technology to Comply with ABA Standard 314

Audrey Fried, Univ. of Toronto: How to Use Online Discussion to Ignite Law Teaching

Matthew Homewood, Nottingham Law School: Mobile Devices in the Classrooms: Recognizing the Challenges, Embracing the Opportunities

Sarah Glassmeyer, CALI: OMG: What’s with all the Os?
2:30 pm: Pathways to Practice – Part 1

Paula Schaefer, Univ. of Tenn. College of Law: Tips for Finding Professionalism Lessons Hiding in Plain Sight in Every Casebook

Ryan Anderson, Bighorn Law: “Teams and Technology: How the New Breed of Attorney Operates”

Lucy Jewel, Univ. of Tenn. College of Law: Old School Rhetoric and New School Cognitive Science

Kristen Tiscione, Georgetown Law: Teaching Analysis as More than Arrangement

Ruth Anne Robbins, Rutgers School of Law-Camden: Writing the Client into the Argument: Image Decision, Word-Choice Precision.

3:30 pm – 3:45 pm: Break
3:45 pm: Pathways to Practice – Part 2

Amy Taylor, American Univ. WCL: The Four Dimensions of Legal Research

Shannon Salter, UBC Faculty of Law: Unprecedented: Teaching Law Students to Think Like Law Reformers

Jill Engle, Penn State Law: Helping Your Law Students Find Their Professional Identity Through Reflective Learning: Professor’s Perspective

Courtney Kiehl, Penn State Law: Helping Your Law Students Find Their Professional Identity Through Reflective Learning: Student’s Perspective

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