Anti-Slavery Apps

SlaveFree is an app that lets you scan any product in a store, to see if slave labor likely was used in its production. 

Slavery Footprint is an app and a website that quizzes users about their consumption patterns, adn then tells them how large their ‘Slavery Footprint’ is.  The State Department developed it alongside the non-profit Call + Response.

The app also lets a consumer to take a picture of a product with their smartphone, and then message it to the company inquiring into whether forced labor was used in the product’s production.

Free2Work, produced by the Not for Sale campaign, similarly lets a user search major brands as you shop, to see how they are involved in tackling forced labor.  It’s a free app, and it grades companies from A to F based on how they prevent and address forced labor, child labor.  Use your smartphone to scan the barcode on a product, and then see the company’s slavery grade.