Tech + Human Trafficking in Mekong

The USC Annenberg Center on Communication is convening actors who are working to use technology to address human trafficking. Some of the projects: From the Center on Communication and Leadership Policy, with the State Deaprtment: TIP Information Sharing Platform for the Mekong Region in South Asia, a proposal that includes — 1. A regional cross-border text and voicemail enabled hotline 2. A standardized victim identification and case management system for information sharing. “The hotline will integrate mobile technologies, taking advantage of the widespread use of cell phones in the region. The user-friendly platform will be able to receive texts (SMS) and voicemails in multiple languages and forward messages to appropriate organizations that can act on incoming information in real time. The system will allow for mapping of locations as an additional aid to those combating TIP in the region. This platform will also serve as a case management system for organizations to monitor and track victims as they are identified and move through the process of social reintegration. Organizations using the common system could share information to alert partnering service providers about victims’ immediate and future needs.”