Jureeka! Legal Link Tool

Jureeka is a browser tool that will transform any legal citation you come across as you browse, into a hyperlinked legal citation.

Jureeka Powerpoint

It was created by Michael Poulshock is sponsored now by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School — and more for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome users than other browser-users.

Jureeka! turns legal citations in web pages into hyperlinks that point to online legal source material. It’s great for quickly locating statutes, case law, regulations, federal court rules, international law sources, and more. It weaves together a host of law sources into a giant mesh, right in your Firefox browser!

Some more notes from Poulschock on the development:

My recent changes to Jureeka primarily involve: (1) redirecting existing citations to newly published material, (2) adding and refining the recognized citations to cover more material with better precision, and (3) abandoning recognized citations that are not case-specific or that are rarely used. I don’t plan to document all of these changes in detail, but I think that Jureeka users will notice a drastic improvement in the add-on’s utility. In particular, Jureeka now identifies:

  • Federal district court cases,
  • A slew of state supreme and appellate court cases, and
  • Section-specific redirects to the statutes of around 35 states.