On Being Creative with Lawyers

I drew this for my Stanford Design School fellowship, to be featured on the school’s site The Whiteboard. I hope it can be of use to anyone who is working in an environment that’s dominated by analytic, rational, and efficiency-driven people — like most legal environments.

I certainly haven’t cracked this nut, but I’d love to hear form others who are working on being creative, risky, and out-of-the box in an environment that doesn’t typically work that way.
Design process That Sucks Because 1a - Margaret Hagan Design process That Sucks Because 2a - Margaret Hagan



I am a city attorney who has been running design charrettes inside City Hall to break down siloed government and increase creative collaboration among internal stakeholders to solve citizen problems. Many parallels between our work (after all, lawyers historically have played a strong role in setting up our bureaucracies).

We should discuss ways of collaborating in these two areas.


yes! Thanks for writing, Kiran — I wish we could have spoken more last Friday.

Can I invite you down for a small event at Stanford’s d.school?

I’d love to introduce you to some of the students & people who are also trying to figure out how to bring design approaches into legal work!

Love this, Margaret! Love starting my work day with your creative ideas and drawings


Yes, absolutely! Let me know what works best for your schedule.