Legal Services Design Deck

Open Law Lab - Legal Services Design Deck

Isaac Parker, a digital agency in the UK, has created a tool for designers & lawyers working on mapping flows of user services.  The pack boils down common touchpoints and tools into cards, that can be used in a collaboration or workshop.  The participants can use the cards as modules within a service flow, to play around with potential user journey flows and to reach a consensus.

Here’s their description.

Legal Services Design Deck

We believe legal process mapping should be fun and easy for anyone to get involved. That’s why we made Design Deck for legal services.

Visualising systems is an important part of legal service design and marketing. But we’d rather stick pins in our eyes than map out processes with strange symbols that nobody understands. Design Deck is a simple tool that helps teams collaborate to make effective processes together.

Each card in Design Deck bares a symbol representing a step you take to sell and deliver a client service. Just spread the cards out, arrange the steps, and add extra details by writing on the space provided.

Better together

You can use Design Deck solo at your desk, but its more fun to gather a whole team around a large table and dive in together. Save your work by taking a snap with your smartphone before you tidy up. There’s no fancy software and no tricky techniques to learn.

Get serious later

Decks have friendly versions of standard project management symbols, plus traffic sources, content types and website actions for legal marketers. It is easy to translate our symbols into a lean six-sigma process diagram later if you really have to.

Process-mapping is a great intro activity for a longer design process — and more such tools and props can help non-designers participate in meaningful ways. Great to see this tool, and looking forward to more manifestations of good design work and process tools!