Legal Communciation Design diagrams

Over on Cornell’s VoxPopulii Blog, I just posted up a comprehensive write-up on a Legal Communication Design pop-up-class that I had taught with Kursat Ozenc & Alex Gavis at Stanford’s in May 2014. When we were planning out the class, I started to put together a framework for Legal Communication Design.

You can read more over at the blog, but I wanted to present here some of the diagrams that illustrate the legal communication design process I’m formulating.

One diagram: the ideal flow of the user through a legal communication:

Ideal Legal Communication Design Flow

Another diagram: what the difference is between different areas of communication design:Types of Complex Communication Design

Now I will be working on a more comprehensive design process visual, that shows a step-by-step process to get from a brief (I must communicate this rule or notice) to a user-friendly finished product (a communication that your user will actually engage with).