Graphic Justice: on visual stories & the law

Graphic Justice is a UK-based blog and network of academics who are interested in storytelling, visuals and the law.

Graphic Justice website - Open Law Lab

The posts on the group’s site focus mainly on how comic books & graphic narratives explore themes of law & justice.  It is less about using visual storytelling to communicate exact legal procedures, rights, or advice. Rather, it is about the culture of law and justice that are woven into stories, and critical analysis around this intersection. It uses works of fiction to reflect what kind of laws we might need in the near future, and how we as humans relate to the justice system.

You can join their network if you are interested in this area of research & work. They maintain a public list of the people working on this, which is a very useful reference point.

Are you interested in comics and the concerns of law and justice? The Graphic Justice Research Alliance is always looking for new members–and it’s completely free to join! Just drop me an email and you’ll be added to the members’ page and the mailing list