Data as change-maker in legal services #abafutures


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Your caring, dogged input towards working to change the legal business is highly commendable. This morning’s phrase: “How the industry operates, and makes sense of it…” is poignant to a ‘T.’ However, herein lies the essence of all its issues!
To be ‘just’ to all, a ‘Justice system’ must not be an “Industry.” It can not just make sense to those who run it! The crux of its problems are that it is elitist. Like any other system intended to ‘serve’ the public, police, banking, government etc, its problems lie at the root of its structuring. Any system governed by its insiders will ultimately dysfunction for those it is meant to serve. Such is the beast at heart – self-serving! Democracy is a fallacy. We are living a lie. To change the lie, we must change the rules and its operations! We must make its officers accountable at all times!