Interaction Designers on Making the Law Design-Friendly

Law Design and You - Daniel Orbach

Thanks to Kursat Ozenc for this link to a 15 minute video from designer Daniel Orbach, called Design, The Law, and You.

Daniel Orbach – Design, the Law, and You from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

It’s from an Interaction Design conference that happened in March in Finland. Here’s the abstract of the video:

As design services begin to penetrate more complex industries than every before, the need to design with regulators has never been higher. In the ten minute talk, I’ll lay out some strategies for designing a product embroiled in complicated legal requirements.

It’s the reverse of what we usually talk about here — helping lawyers use the arts and tools of design to communicate more effectively, with a focus on helping designers be less intimidated by legal rules and terms. It’s about designing law into products, having designers take a lead in creating good, user-friendly legal experiences (rather than what typically happens, which is avoiding all legal content for fear of ‘messing it up’ or for inertia around changing something so complicated).