Constitute Project lets you search and compare legal texts

Constitute is an interesting new web-app/design that is all about examining the different constitutions. It lets you choose multiple constitutions to compare against each other, and also filter for certain types of terms and functions that you’re concerned with. constitute-screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-8-03-21-pm

You can put multiple documents next to each other, and then click on a certain topic that the authors have designated to jump to those passages in each, to see what they each say on it.


You can also easily search and filter for the different documents, so you can find the right thing to compare.


It’s good to see an additional model for legal document comparison and search, in addition to the previous ones that I had found over the summer.

The data is all taken from a university consortium research endeavor, the Comparative Constitutions Project. This interface makes it easier to examine all the marked-up documents they have created.