A third way of privacy design #LegalDesignGDPR

Oftentimes, conversation about privacy communication design gets caught in a debate about oversimplification versus overcomplication. What’s emerging today at our meeting at University of Bologna is discussion of a third way, that is focused not on simplification but engaging user experiences – that are more focused on people’s contexts, problems, and questions.

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Hi Margaret, this diagram expresses exactly the conundrum we have over here in the UK in relation to data protection. I am a lawyer working on a data protection project at the moment, applying principles of Lean and Six Sigma. It would be great to have a chat with you sometime in relation to any further work which you’ve done on this topic. Or if you could direct me to some further reading connected to the above, I’d be really grateful, thanks.

In other news, I’ve just discovered open law lab today and I am really excited by the content – thanks very much.