Law School Dojo

I have recently begun to play around with coding apps, and for my first real venture, I decided to code up a quiz app with all the things I wish I had known before law school — and make it into a quick, playful, lively game.

I have the first version up for Android on Google Play, and for iOS on the Apple App Store: LAW SCHOOL DOJO!

Coding it up was addictive + rewarding.  I used GameSalad to start off, and designed all the images and the questions myself. I wrote over 650 questions, and tried to make a healthy mix of easy basic doctrine, some must-know cases, useful vocab (including all that oblique Latin that pops up), and some random facts about legal personalities and entertainment.

It’s been great to have discrete tasks — what screen should come after that screen? what image should go there? what should this button do? what options should the user have?  It took 3 weeks from first sketches to final alpha version, debuted in the app stores.  That’s been the most rewarding part — quick turnaround with a real, live, playable app to show from all the brainstorming, drawing, and coding.

I hope that some other law students (or future ones, or past ones) end up bumping into the Law School Dojo app and have some fun with it! I am thinking of incorporating some rewards into it, to make it a little more punchy and exciting to get a high score.

You can check it out at its own app website 

There are the links to get it for your platform of choice.  I will be releasing updates, with some new sets of class-specific questions & some more rewards & global leaderboards soon!