On Better Legal Presentations

Open Law Lab - better legal presentations

I found this video from the company Powtoon on why visual presentations are more effective in communication.

  1. Use Less Text, People don’t like to read
  2. Pictures are superior to text, your audience will remember significantly more
  3. Leave descriptions to your speech, show images that illustrate your points.  People will be overwhelmed with the combination of speaking and written descriptions of your points, so better to only show them suggestions and keep all descriptions to your speech.

These points apply to all kinds of communications that lawyers will try to use to persuade — whether one-on-one with clients, in front of their colleagues, or in court. Not that animated videos are the answer to everything, but these points should become mantras for lawyers who are considering how to present information that it will stick, and that it will persuade. Crisp visual illustrations will be greatly powerful, and the written word should be used only sparingly.