Legal Visual Mnemonics: Breaches of Contracts

Bar - VIsual Mnemonic - Contract Breach - HAIL

This is a new concept I’m playing around with, in the area of Legal Visualizations: Legal Visual Mnemonics.

I see all these memorization tools for legal rules with concepts converted into letters, then packaged into words, and finally packaged up into memorable phrases.

What if an image could be part of this packaging of the legal rules?

So that the color, characters & composition can help burn the memorable phrase further into the memory.

The use case for such Visual Legal Mnemonics is primarily someone studying for a legal exam — but I’d like to play with how this extreme use case could then be bridged into the use case of lay consumers who need to understand the law (but who don’t need to burn it into their memories as much as a student would).

Bar - VIsual Mnemonic - Contract - Statute of Fraud - MY LEGS