TheFirstYear, putting 1L online & interactive

TheFirstYear is an online platform with 1L law content. Anyone can sign up to access it — watch the videos, and take quizzes once they are made available. The platform is sponsored by Univ. of Utah’s College of Law.
Open Law Lab - TheFIrstYear - MOOC 1

There are online classes for the standard law topics taught around the US in the first year of the law school. A few of them are populated now with content.
Open Law Lab - TheFIrstYear - MOOC 2

Within a topic, the user can watch a lecture & slideshow on specific topics. There is the option for quizzes & check-ins to be integrated later.

Open Law Lab - TheFirstYear _ MOOC 3

Many of the video slideshows have lots of visualizations, and simple designs, rather than text-heavy or outline-based visuals.

It’s great to see this project happening, and imagining how law could be learned in a more decentralized, interactive, & visual way. I can’t wait to see how this platform develops.

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