Prototype to Think

Design Process note on Prototyping to THink by Margaret Hagan
A sketchnote about one of the fundamental parts of the design process: Prototyping to Think. The quicker we start to build, sketch, act out, and otherwise make our ideas manifest — the more ideas we can arrive upon. And the more feedback we can get on these ideas, to use to improve their quality and ‘fit’ to the challenge area.

This is where the ‘Acting Like a Designer’ can be combined fruitfully with ‘Thinking Like a Lawyer’. We as legal professionals can be the critical & systematic problem-solvers that we were trained to be. But as we analyze a problem and try to arrive on the best strategy for its resolution — we should be prototyping our possible work product.

And if we are in a legal innovation space, trying to conceive of new ideas for legal tools & services, then we should be making quick, rough versions of whatever ideas we come up with.  Rather than leaving them as text or verbal descriptions, we can sketch them out, build first versions, and figure out if they’re worth pursuing.