LegalDesign.It group for people working on visual law

I’ve been talking with some of my colleagues about how to set up some more deliberate & collaborative groups who are working on human-centered design & law.  Part of the problem with the ‘Access to Justice’ movement is how dispersed our work & research is.

There have been some groups that have cropped up recently, trying to link together practitioners who are working on similar tracks. They allow for sharing of resources, keeping each other up to date on the latest events, projects, and research.

One of the groups for those working on Legal Visual Design especially is the Facebook group LegalDesign.It. 

Legal design facebook group

This Facebook group is a very active network of people working & reviewing the latest in creating legal visuals & using design thinking to improve the usability of legal resources.

The LegalDesign.It group also has its own webpage, with a calendar of upcoming events, a tweet collection, and list of members.  From there, you can subscribe to get the tweets from the group members regarding #legaldesign.

I would recommend joining if you are interested in getting more involved in visual law — or if you are just interested in improving the user experience of law. It’s a closed group on Facebook, but you are welcome to apply to join.