How to create a legal visual

Infographic on how to CREATE A LEGAL VISUAL - by Margaret Hagan

So many of my design projects are all coming back to the power of visuals to engage people on legal topics & to convey information effectively. Even if it seems that product and service design could be solutions for different challenges, the communication design track (making better visuals and texts) turns out to be the most cost-effective and low-barrier way to solve challenges. It’s almost like making better visual displays of a legal challenge area should be the first step to getting to more complicated & intensive types of solutions.

In that spirit, I’ve been documenting how to go about making effective legal communications — particularly around visuals.  Thus, the process map infographic laid out above, that goes through my basic communication design process when making a legal visual.

You can also read my first draft of a “Legal Communication Design How-To” over at my Legal Design Toolbox site. I’ve been collecting my process, insights, and tools there — though it’s not yet complete.