Sealing Your Juvenile Record: 3 legal infographics

For Expunge Design Day this past weekend, when we led a participatory design session on what better expungement/sealing-record procedures & tools would be, I created these 3 infographics. They were to help me learn the basics of the (COMPLICATED!) California law, and to convey it to the young people, designers, and developers working at the Design Day.

There are 3: one on the consequences of sealing your record, one on eligibility to get your record sealed, and the final on the basic (very genericized) procedure of getting them sealed.

Expunge Design Day - who can still see your sealed record

Expunge Design Day - Clean Your Record eligibility Expunge Design Day - Clean Your Record generic process


I have a hearing on 4/7/2016 pertaining to sealing of a juvenile record. Unfortunately, since i’m in New York I wont be able to attend that hearing. I’m requesting that you represent my case! My number is 917-242-2573! Please respond no more than three days after you receive this message!

Thank You,

Sean Clark