IP Lawyer Training Game

The Business Development Bank of Canada has an online simulation game that’s meant for training in Intellectual Property as applied to entrepreneurs. It’s not necessarily built to train lawyers, but more for anyone who works with/as an entrepreneur to help spot IP and other legal issues and get started on dealing with them.

Here are the details from the BDC:

Play the intellectual property game

Do you have a unique business idea and want to protect it from the competition? Should you apply for a patent? How about registering a trademark or creating a copyright?

Play our interactive game to discover more about intellectual property (IP) and protecting your intangible assets. After all, they can be just as valuable, or more so, than tangible assets in today’s knowledge-based economy.

How the game works

You will meet two entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Help them choose the best path to protect their IP by interviewing them and choosing the best solutions. You can also ask questions to learn more about intellectual property options. Play more than once to improve your score and gain important knowledge about IP.

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