One year of legal community design in the Escambia Project

Last week I went to Orlando to participate in a share-out to the Florida Bar Foundation, by the core design team that worked over the past year to conduct a community-driven design process to create new legal services in Pensacola, Florida — and Escambia County.

You can read up on the initial design work we did back in February at a Medium piece I wrote, and you can see the project website over at Florida Bar Foundation. You can also read media coverage of the individual pilots and overall project at the Pensacola News Journal, and at the local NPR affiliate WUWF.

Having piloted three different concepts that the local community wanted to see, for improved legal services, we are now in the refinement and scale-out phase. We want to figure out the best way to package our learnings and the pilots’ protocols, so that other communities can also run the process or the pilots themselves. We are looking at different ‘franchise’ models for social services, or other templates/kits that let others replicate service models.