Bar Review Apps

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There are a host of apps (some free, some paid) for studying law. Most are oriented towards preparing for law bar exams, but they can be useful more widely in law classes.

Barbri offers a free app BARBRI Challenge, with multiple choice quiz on law topics that are on the bar.

There is BarMax MPRE, a free app to aid students in preparing for the MPRE. The app provides access to MPRE lectures, real MPRE questions, and MPRE study flashcards. The app may be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

There is BarMax MPRE Pro, which is 17.99, that provides all of the content of the free app, plus a full, 60-question, annotated practice exam licensed from the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Feedback is provided on answers in the form of explanations drafted by experts who author actual MPRE questions.

ExamEdge sells apps on specific topics for 4.99/app. There are currently six different topics available: criminal law and procedure, constitutional law, contracts, evidence, property, and torts.

Kaplan offers a free app, with flashcards and instructional videos. It includes six instructional videos that covers the MBE, with 425 terms, definitions, and concepts in the subjects of torts, constitutional law, evidence, criminal law and procedure, contracts, and real property.

Themis Bar Review offers an app that is free if you are registered with their services already. It’s all about prep for the bar — and you’ll need a wifi connection to access it.