Lawbore: Drawn Law Resources

I just discovered the UK law student resource site Lawbore, run along with Learnmore, out of London.  It was written about by Emily Allbon in the European Journal of Law & Technology. (Official cite below)

It contains lots of legal resources (think what a typical school’s law library would) along with FAQs for law students.  But the real point — it’s full of drawings, cartoons, graphics, and a great sense of humor.  See:

Lawbore 1 Lawbore 2 Lawbore 3 Lawbore 4

Great visuals, wonderful style, very usable! I love to see more drawings in the law — anything to lighten heaviness.


Allbon, E., ‘Too Cool for (Law) School? Using Technology to Engage Students in Legal Skills’, European Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 4, No. 1, 2013