Lawtoons comics for Indian constitutional law

In December, I had the pleasure of meeting Kanan Dhru when she visited the on her trip to the US.  I had written about her project Lawtoons when it was in the funding stage earlier this year — she was crowdfunding her plan to make visual stories to explain Indian law to young people.Open Law Lab - Lawtoons - 2015-01-20 19.14.47
She brought with her a copy of the comic book that she & her team of designers and comic artists created over the past few months. It’s amazing to see such a polished final product — it’s a proper comic book, with two different stories that integrate learnings about law, the Constitution, and fundamental rights into narratives.

According to Kanan, the project grew out of an urge to scale up the civics & legal teaching she was doing for youth in India in live presentations. The comic book is a way to get the knowledge out to more young people in larger numbers & with a lively, visual presentation. It would be wonderful to see more comics of the law for distribution in other jurisdictions too now.

Open Law Lab - Lawtoons - 2015-01-20 19.15.19

Open Law Lab - Lawtoons - 2015-01-20 19.15.06

Open Law Lab - Lawtoons - 2015-01-20 19.14.57