Design Process Breaking Points




Thank you for identifying these obstacles in such a creative and concise manner, Margaret. These issues have troubled me greatly during the development of my online project, but your graphic presentation summarizes them better than I could. Now I can better explain and hopefully resolve the remaining issues with the designers of the website.

Yes, I have been thinking of these for a while … it’s good to force myself to pin them down! I’m still looking for others….

awesome site, awesome note-doodle-sketch-style-thingies.

I’d love to see something about making sure people know when a design process (or elements of it) have left the measurable, success and fact-driven arena, and are in the subjective arena. (i.e. “I like the blue” and “I think the other music bed feels more professional”) It’s not a matter of eliminating these items(not possible!), but making sure everyone involved realizes they are subjective, that opinions are all unique and individual, and the chief decision-maker’s opinion needs to weigh the heaviest!… DANGIT! (sorry)