Bar Study Visuals

Brendan Conley alerted me to a small library of visuals he has built up since he studied for the Bar a few years ago.Open Law Lab - Bar Study Visuals - Brendan Conley

He has made flowcharts & diagrams to help other students get to the heart of the Bar exam topics more quickly & visually.

For example, here is one diagram he made about conspiracy.

Open Law Lab - Visual Law - Brendan Conley - Conspiracy Diagram

This is an excellent example of how a domain-expert in law (in this case, a JD who is innundating himself with legal knowledge to study for the Bar Exam) can create visuals. Using vector images — no complicated drawing or major artistry — he made simple, visual explanations.

His site is full of rich, simple visuals to get to the heart of legal understandings. Highly recommended! More law students should be building little libraries like this. I am currently putting together a little visual library of my own — if you know of other visuals, cartoons, flowcharts, diagrams, or other illustrations of law, send them to me!

And thanks to Brendan for alerting me to his trove.