Estate Quest video game for estate planning

Estate Quest 3
Stephanie Kimbro has posted on YouTube a preview of the legal game Estate Quest she & her team are designing, all on Estate Planning for consumers.
Her summary:

This is a demo of level one of Estate Quest. This will be a cross-platform video game to teach basic estate planning concepts. Players will win awards that link them to real-world legal information and services. The game will include Facebook and Twitter sharing.

The game is not intended to provide legal advice, but is intended to teach basic estate planning concepts and encourage public dialogue about end of life issues.

Development by Game on Law (Stephanie Kimbro, Esq.)
Programmer: Christopher Ellis
Game Designer: Allison Yaegar
Artist: Nathan Smit

It’s very visual- and narrative-driven, and seems quite user-friendly while also integrating in some of those wonderful game elements of suspense & mystery.  It looks like it will be a successful experiment in how to design a game experience that doubles as a legal experience.  I can imagine that it can be a platform not just to educate a consumer about estate planning — but may also be used for:

  • intake of clients, to help them identify and flag situations that apply to them,
  • prepping clients for their first meeting with a lawyer, to make them more confident & conversational,
  • helping clients sort through their own information, making any conversation with a lawyer more efficient, with the client already having sorted through their life details to know what is relevant,
  • and also a possible marketplace, in which consumers can find legal help once they’ve been prepped & feel confident — then they can be presented with lawyer options & make a choice about setting up a consultation.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing future stages of Estate Quest as they’re released!

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