Argz: a reasoning puzzle game for law students

Open Law Lab - Argz

David Johnson of New York Law School pointed me to Argz, a platform currently in development (and with Beta Release) to create a puzzle-game out of logic & critical thinking exercises.  It’s intended to be used inside that law school’s classes.  The site’s description of the Argz platform:

Everyone knows how to argue — or do they?

Argz is a new kind of puzzle to test and increase your reasoning skills. Unlike other puzzles that are based on numbers, or pictures, or individual words, Argz is a puzzle of ideas:

  • Separate facts from arguments

  • Understand the flow from evidence to conclusions

  • Figure out where a piece of evidence fits in a complex argument structures

  • Test your knowledge of current events

  • Challenge yourself to recreate policy debates

Open Law Lab - Argz screenshots

The tool has Beta releases for users to author their own puzzles. They can create logic flows using a Diagramming tool (think Xmind or Visio) and make it into a game for others to play.