Law Comics: Alice in Patentland

Law Comics is a Tumblr blog that features a handful of illustrated explainers of law — to start with, patents.

Visual Law - Law Comics - Alice in Patentland 1 Visual Law - Law Comics - Alice in Patentland 2

These first comics are authored by Julia Powles & illustrated by Ilias Kyriazis.

Their description of the general project:

Law Comics is a project steered by non-boring lawyers to render iconic legal cases in full-colour glory, accompanied by short, authoritative, whimsical texts. The aim is to animate the magnificent stories of law to engage and empower the curious public.

Their description of this comic:

This specific comic is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. This means, that, with attribution, you’re welcome to share, reuse, remix, go nuts, and generally do most things except make money off the exact thing we’ve given you. Please keep us posted out of interest (and in case updates are made)!

Featured in Wired UK, Law and the Multiverse, Patently-O, The IPKat, Boing Boing, Forbidden Planet, Wildcat, FindLaw, ICLR, Adler Vermillion LLP, PatSnap