Time Trial law game

CALI, or the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, created an online law game Time Trial.

Open Law Lab - Law Games - CALI TIme Trial
The game teaches the player legal history, by having them try to place events into the right timeline order. Each event is on its own card, and the user can turn over one card at a time, and then drag it into the right order.

The browser screen becomes like a canvas or a table top for the user to lay the cards out on, and then try to get them in the right order  There is some feedback on how you’re doing at the bottom of the screen. It tells you how many cards you’ve gotten into correct positions.  And you get points for correct ordering — all with the aim of beating a high score.

Open Law Lab - Law Games - CALI TIme Trial 2

It’s simple & direct, and very playable. Another example of a lightweight law game that quickly lets a user (law expert or lay person) learn law through interactive, rewarding software.

Thanks to John Mayer of CALI for pointing me to the game!

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Thanks for the mention Margaret. There is also a real world version of the game with real, printed cards – 400 of them! We have a few left over from AALS, so I am making this offer here on your website ONLY. I will send the physical game to the first 10 people to send me an email requesting via email.

– request Time Trial card game
– email John Mayer (jmayer@cali.org)
– put TIME TRIAL – OPEN LAW LAB in the subject
– offer ends at the end of January (January 31, 2015)