Principles for Wise Design: bird’s eye view with zoom in




I have been fleshing out my concept of Wise Design, with specific principles, methods, and mechanics. Here is one insight that comes up again and again when helping people make smarter decisions.


I find this to be very, very true. Entering a maze like completing a pro se document can be bewildering if you’re only shown the next turn. You have to start with the big picture and then go through each step. Repetition always helps too (most other places I’d link to your great illustration of this, but I guess I don’t have to do it here.)

I’ve been working on how to do this for informational videos with complementary hand-outs. I’ve been trying to use Blender and the Inkscape extension Sozi to get the zooming effect. I’d love to share that with you and get some feedback.

On a tangent – I can’t ever express how much it means to me, how optimistic it makes me, that the director of LSC said, “What she said.” after your presentation!!!

Thanks for your message, Tony! That was also a high point for me — great to start seeing paths for innovation really opening up.

I would also advocate for Prezi as a zoom-in, zoom-out tool.