Access to Justice through User Experience and Experimentation

Today I am in sunny, lovely Vancouver, British Columbia at a symposium of the Canadian Administrative Tribunals’ adjudicators, advocates, and other professionals. It’s co-hosted by the Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals and the British Columbia Council of Administrative Tribunals.
The theme of the kickoff panel and keynote has been one of keen interest to me: how to actually get to a more accessible justice system. 

The keynote speaker, the Honourable Robert Bauman, Chief Justice of BC, called out to design methodology- user experience, empathy, and experimentation — as key ways to redesign the system. So happy to see this approach in action!

My quick sketches of some highlights:


Yes A bottom up or even a top down change is needed now( Rules & legislation changed soon ) . The courts system must work for the regular people . Other wise you have no justice system for the people just the rich !!