What would a Better Way of Contracting for Microtransactions be?

Professor Camilla Andersen of the University of Western Australia has a sharp presentation on how contract law is broken (or limping along) — particularly in the age of microtransactions online, with a culture of TOS and consumer contracts which no one reads.

She proposes ways to think outside the box, pointing to better ways for contracting. Including a strategy for comic book versions of contracts. Can we not just add visuals to supplement legal agreements, but have visuals at the heart of the agreement?

Her research team has been working on creating visuals to embody different terms of contracts. Here are some that were shared during the presentation.

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Hi Margaret! Thank you for the lovely blog post – Hope you can come to the conference in December! If you want any other examples of our work, let me know, I have lots I am happy to share.