Sketching the LSC Innovations in Tech conference

Last week I was in New Orleans at one of the largest legal aid and self-help Innovacion conferences, sponsored by the Legal Services Corporation. I presented on a few panels, around community led system design, and around a better Internet for legal help online. But the real phone was in the networking, and hearing leaders in this field talk about what’s coming next. There’s an overwhelming desire for systems change, in terms of how legal practice is regulated and democratized.

Here are some of my notebook sketches on the highlights of the discussion around what innovation for access to justice should look like.

Some of my big themes: we need to be investing in a wider ecosystem of platforms and tools to talk to each other, and that harness artificial intelligence.

We need to be investing in more outreach to communities, to not only hear what they want, but also to build and test new solutions alongside them.

People working on access to justice and legal aid need to get the literate in artificial intelligence, algorithms, machine learning, and these other near term trends that are going to possibly empower the people who we are trying to serve.

Enjoy the drawings!