What are ways to structure online legal help resources?

A page from my notebook during a recent conference, all about structuring legal help online in better ways. Engagement is such a huge challenge — and we can think through different models to get people

When we think about how to build trust and follow-through with a person visiting our site, do we present resources like:

  • A Tree, where we have them start at the ground, and then make choices to branch along to the ultimate resource?
  • A Cluster, where we have them choose among some big central groupings, and then send them to that group to explore and browse around to find the right fit?
  • A Fake Linear, where we ask a few questions, and then use AI or other predictive tools to then make choices for them — to get them to the right resource

How do you connect people to the right resource? Let me know, and we can add to this short collection of patterns.