Preventative Approaches to Legal Help

If we frame access to justice innovation around

  • scouting what problems people have that might lead to legal or life crisis
  • finding patterns of issues and how they proceed
  • finding where people are reaching out for help, seeking resources

We might be able to resolve problems early on, and have a more human-focused approach, and that could help us make legal help an anti-poverty tool.

The Legal Design Lab is working on using Internet search, social media, and online fora as some of these early-problem-scouting. Can we find people and their problem histories on Reddit, on Twitter, or elsewhere online?

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I agree that would be great. There is a lot of research that could be done.
Re the lawyer trying to categorise (essentialise) the client I think this starts in law school. Well at least in Australia, we learn the law in topics rather than from a justice-user’s perspective…