Taking stock of our current state of legal help digital tools

Yesterday I went to the ABA Midyear meeting to attend the Center for Innovation meeting, and also sit in on a session about ‘Maybe there’s an app for that…’ about how technology is playing into the access to justice movement. Rebecca Sandefur announced that on Monday there will be a report on the current spate of justice digital tools that exist as of late 2018. It will be published by the American Bar Foundation. 

In addition to Professor Sandefur, other panelists included Professor and former Dean Dan Rodriguez of Northwestern Law, Georges Clement of JustFix, Katherine Alteneder of the Self-Represented Litigation Network, and Barbara Buckley, the executive director of Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.

Some other relevant resources: IAALS’ “18 Ways” report on how courts can use technology to better serve their customers, and my Legal Design Lab’s growing page that inventories various technology and design projects to increase access to justice, divided up into various tasks

Here are my drawn notes from yesterday’s session, as well as some photos of the great presentations!