How to Engage Users? Insights from a health care hackathon

This past weekend, I attended a health-care hackathon at Stanford, with the aim to increase Patient Engagement with their own care.  I was on the hunt for analogies that could apply to legal users’ engagement with the legal system.

Margaret Hagan - Notes on Patient Engagement sketchnote

Here is one sketchnote from the presentations & keynotes that were offered during the weekend — about how users approach their hospital and medical experiences, and some insights into how users may be activated or may push their service-providers to engage them better.

I have another sketchnote I’m working on — and then I will write up some more formal observations on the links & analogies I saw between legal and medical services.  For now, I think a lot of the insights contained in the note could be taken right out of the medical context and transferred over to the legal one.