Consent Experience Design: research into human-centered legal disclosures

Alessandro Carrelli is a PhD researcher at Loughborough Design School, where he is investigating how to bring better user experience and higher quality consent for privacy transactions online. Why is it so hard to communicate to people what is happening with their data, and how can this be done better?

He is running workshops and developing user experience tools to create better “consent experiences”. His website documenting his design research approach has slideshares and tools to see how to use this type of approach and what he is learning.

For example, he uses:

  • Personas, specifying particular types of users and how they would interact with policies and consent
  • Canvases, that define how a user proceeds through the experience, and where there are intervention points
  • Touchpoint cards, that allow for greater examination of specific interaction points between the service provider and the user, and what is possible


Consent Experience Design Workshop | intro from Alessandro Carelli

He also has defined specific types of models that are being currently used for better consumer consent, which echo the models that we found at the Legal Design Lab in our work on better disclosure design:

  • dashboards
  • icons
  • menus and easy access to terms/rights
  • grades
  • tables

Alessandro also presents how he runs a workshop, to help work with stakeholders and legal experts to work on designing better consent experiences. Here are the slides he has used.

Consent Experience Design Workshop @ IFF017 from Alessandro Carelli