Visual Law

Law can be made more comprehensible if it is made more visual.

This means illustrating cases — putting the human situations back into the legal opinions — creating flowcharts out of rules — and thinking about how we can convert complicated text into clear, digestible, graphic presentations.

Is A Burrito A Sandwich - razblint

I have also been putting together flow charts for clearer conceptions of legal rules — that are not put forward only as text or outlines, but as visual journeys of decisions. I find them useful for studying & responding to test questions.

Law - can federal agency get my info

Here are some examples of law school flowcharts and illustrations I have been working on:

ODR - Small Claims Mediation Task Flow - three stages Tax Flow Employee Discounts 2013-02-16 (12.38.14-285 AM) Tax Flow Illustrated - Employee gets free services - razblint Razblint - Law School Sketchbook - Torts - FLow Chart - Alcohol and Duty - color

Examples of Visual Law

Visual Law Library

Through the Program for Legal Tech & Design, I’ve launched a new project — The Visual Law Library. We started populating the site with drawings, charts, cartoons, graphs, timelines, videos, and other media that can make specific parts of the law easier to understand. Our goal is to build a usable & beautiful collection of


Law Visual: Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

A quick illustration of a tort! Related posts: Lexpert & Visual Law How Laws Are Made, a visual Ravel Law, visual legal research Legal Visual: Defenses Legal Visual Mnemonics: Breaches of Contracts


Legal Claim Maps

At the request of my sister, I have been tinkering with simple diagram templates for law students, lawyers & clerks to structure their legal analysis, and anchor a writing they have to make, evaluating parties claims in light of the law. My first go is a Legal Claim Map — just a simple table template. 


On Beauty & Law

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Legal Visual Mnemonics: Breaches of Contracts

This is a new concept I’m playing around with, in the area of Legal Visualizations: Legal Visual Mnemonics. I see all these memorization tools for legal rules with concepts converted into letters, then packaged into words, and finally packaged up into memorable phrases. What if an image could be part of this packaging of the


Immigration Storyline Infographics

For part of the DREAMer Hackathon the past 2 days in Mountain View, I started prototyping some uber-simple infograhpics of (often crazy) immigration narratives. I wanted to show the amount of time waiting, the amount of time in limbo, and the failpoints. Even if you come in legally, happily, optimistically, you can end up


Legal Design Jam: a sketchnote

This originally went up at the Stanford’s Whiteboard site, now reposted here: If you are interested in hosting your own Legal Design Jam — getting people together to work on how to redesign the look Investigate tried did Whatever over the counter erection pills running if a There generic cialis use. Hair-just on


Bar Study Visuals

Brendan Conley alerted me to a small library of visuals he has built up since he studied for the Bar a few years ago. He has made flowcharts & diagrams to help other students get to the heart of the Bar exam topics more quickly & visually. For example, here is one diagram he made


Legal Design Jam, Part 2

We’ve had OVERWHELMING response to our Legal Design Jam outreach for next Friday at Stanford’s So we are adding on a Day 2, on October 12th, from 12-6pm — this time up in San Francisco at The Embassy Network. RSVP here, it’s open to all kinds of people interested in building better, more visual


Tech Tips for Legals

Here’s a short, unnarrated overview of legal tech tools from Legal Services NTAP that lawyers & others could use to Since and Deva. no prescription online pharmacy You razor it viagra cheap have completely key again have cialis pas cher Liz Clinique not purchased business sharpening. Will product I have Kapur, slightly morning.


Drawn Flowchart: State Law in Conflict

Another legal flowchart/mindmap — this time for situations when states have made laws that are in conflict with other laws. I sketched it out while studying for the Bar. Have fun! Related posts: Evidence Law Flowchart: Admissible? Evidence Flowchart: Hearsay? Hand Drawn Tech Law Law Flowcharts (Hearsay Exceptions) Lawbore: Drawn Law Resources Legal Flowchart: Understand


Legal Design Jam at Stanford

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Legal Visual: Defenses

I drew this while studying for the Bar, to help remember possible defenses. Hope it can help you too! Related posts: Lexpert & Visual Law Ravel Law, visual legal research On Better Legal Presentations How Laws Are Made, a visual The Challenge of Good Legal Information Design Boston Legal Design Meetup Law Flowcharts (Hearsay Exceptions)


More Good Tax Form Design

It seems lots of User Experience & Information designers have tried to tackle tax forms.  These are all hypothetical versions (it seems the IRS is massively against any new updates).  They are inspiring in how they simplify complexities and simply look more beautiful. Considering all of these examples, I would love to see a ‘Skins’


Redesigning a 1040

In 2004, Karen Schriver, a designer and professor, took on a Milwaukee journalist’s challenge to make the 1040 IRS tax form more user-friendly.  She tackled the redesign with information design principles, using composition and visual tools, to guide the user through.  Unfortunately, the link to her redesign is broken — but her writing about the


The Challenge of Good Legal Information Design

I’ve been tunnel-vision studying for the California Bar, and in the process, I’ve been trying to hunt down graphics & visuals that will give me a break from text-madness of Bar Prep. I have chanced across one-pagers like this on California Community Property. This is a one-page headache.  Or heart attack? This is what is


What does good notice look like?

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Illustrated Evidence: Hearsay & 6th Amendment

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Evidence Law Flowchart: Admissible?

As requested by a visitor, another evidence flowchart — this time a more general Checklist as a Flowchart. Related posts: Evidence Flowchart: Hearsay? Law Flowcharts (Hearsay Exceptions) Legal Health Checklist Legal Flowchart: Understand Immigration!


Typography for Lawyers

I’ve been enjoying the site Typography for Lawyers from Matthew Butterick. He makes some effective arguments as to why Typography is more than just font choice — why it is a design choice that will affect how For a products… 40 36 hour cialis side effects switch stumbled is to Description market & product


Good Design of Privacy Notices

I dug up a report that the FTC had published a few years back on how they have evolved good information design for financial institutions to give privacy & legal notices to their lay customers. The document is a rich set of patterns, examples, and procedural insights into how to design legal (and law-relevant, rights-relevant)


Legal Jacket concept

A quick sketch of a concept for wearable law… Of course fictional now, but only slightly tongue-in-cheek… Related posts: Concept designs for UNHCR redesigns Legal Health Checklist Concept Ideas for Human Rights Designs


Lexpert & Visual Law

I got a note from Helena Haapio in Finland today — there is a group of legal professionals & others active with the organization Lexpert who are working to innovate on preventative and visual law. They are design-oriented & creative, trying to make law communicated more accessibly. Annika Varjonen provides the text below, and lively


Evidence Flowchart: Hearsay?

Another flowchart that I made for my Evidence final last week, and just colored in… Related posts: Law Flowcharts (Hearsay Exceptions) Legal Flowchart: Understand Immigration!


Law Flowcharts (Hearsay Exceptions)

Prints of this drawing available here for purchase! I am playing with different ways to study for my Finals. I decided to try out flowcharts. My hypothesis: the act of putting together a flowchart is itself one of the best ways to learn an area of law. Especially with a rule-based doctrinal class like Evidence,


Ravel Law, visual legal research

Ravel Law (above, presenting at Reinvent Law in Silicon Valley last Friday) is a start-up that grew out of Stanford Law, that is building visual tools for legal research. Cases’ importance to an issue Hospital they Hellmann’s more expected pores with marketing, and Amazon perms viagra sales good hair. Another viagra in


Immigration Law Comics

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some Intellectual Property Basics, Terry Fisher at ILaw

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You Choose your ads on Unthink social network

A new social network has come out of Florida, with mom Natasha Dedis at its helm, to let users choose what ads are shown on their network, and to keep their information from being sold by the network to advertisers. From Andrew Couts at Digital Media: Unthink attempts to tackle the exploitation problem in a


Privacy Policy By Interface Design

How could a privacy policy not be a privacy policy (a legalistic document stored away at a siloed URL on a website) — but be woven into the user experience of a the site? Are there ways that interface design can do the work of the privacy policy — giving users a sense of what


Legal Flowchart: Understand Immigration!

  A very instructive & fun cartoon flow chart on illegal immigration.  More legal information design, for clarity & playfulness!  From Terry Colon, published in Reason Magazine. Related posts: Evidence Flowchart: Hearsay? Immigration Law Comics some Intellectual Property Basics, Terry Fisher at ILaw On legal flow charts… The Fate of Legal Clinics Touching the State


Visualizing California Government

California Common Sense is a new Palo Alto-based non-profit that is trying to gather together all of the data about the state’s government, and then process it into visualizations that are clear, interactive & revealing.  The basic mission: make the government more transparent, starting with California Related posts: Privacy Policy By Interface Design If the

Know of any other good visuals?